Zamhari: Advantages Of Praying

ZamhariThe happiest person in this life is the one who takes one religion as what she believes it. Hence, if you want to create the happiness in your own world, you should be a religious who owes many kinds of rules and regulations of the religion you take. You should avoid many bad things of the religion should avoid and do whatever the religion should do. Every religion has many reasons you should do or you should not do certain things for your better life. It will lead you to get many advantages in doing what you should do and avoid what you should not do in your whole life said this Zamhari.

Zamhari: Lists Of Advantages Of Praying

Islam is one of the religions in the world you can take. This religion taught us to pray to Allah five times a day or if you want to add more praying, you can take Sunnah rasul to make you can get closer to Allah. If you do pray five times a day without ignoring once, you can get more advantages in your life based on this Zamhari. First, you can feel your life will change to be better. Realize it or not, your life will get better and you can get more thankful to Allah that you can live in that way. To this problem, you should not compare it with the other’s life because it can make you can’t be thankful for your own life.

Second, you also can get more peaceful of your heart which can make your life gets too. Everything you feel in your heart can show it in your face too. Third, if your heart feels peaceful, you can get easily in deciding something. You can decide it by using your logic, not your emotions said Zamhari.

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