White Water Rafting In Bali

Many travelers who came to Bali choose to do a kind of activity which related to outdoor adventures such as swimming and white water rafting Bali. This beautiful island has many spots for this water sport. Furthermore, this post will discuss the most popular whitewater rafting spots in Bali which are Ayung River and Waja River. These rivers are the most favorite spots for the travelers to do white rafting in Bali. And here’s the question: which one is the best spot for rafting between Ayung River and Waja River? Here’s our comparison.

2 Popular Spots For White Water Rafting Bali

Regarding with this issue, it’s quite difficult to answer this question. Some people choose Ayung River as the best white water rafting Bali, while others choose Waja River. Ayung River is a river that located in Ubud area. This river is a perfect place for a beginner since the level is from level 1 to level 3. This spot is a very good place for recreational rafting. The cons of Ayung River are the distance is quite short for rafting and it’s not as extreme as Waja River. Moreover, you need to take long stairways from the lobby area to the river starting point and vice versa.

Waja River is a perfect place for the experienced ones. The river is 16 km in length. It takes 2.5 hours to finish the route. It sounds crazy, right? This river is located in the eastern part of Bali, particularly in Karangasem Regency. The good point from this spot is there is easy access from the lobby to the starting point. The levels are more thrill and adventure since it has level 2 until level 6. In conclusion, Ayung River is a perfect place for a beginner, while this river is a great place for people who seek for adventure in white water rafting Bali.

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