What To Do With Baby Cockroach

When you see a baby cockroach in your home, don’t be panic. The only thing that you need to after screaming is getting rid of them. You need to kill them. And there is no friendly way to kill them. You can’t just wait for them to move out.

How To Get Rid Of Baby Cockroach Permanently

If you want to get rid of baby cockroach, there are several methods which are effective. You can do this by yourself. What are those methods?

  1. Use chemical

Chemical is much essential when you want to get rid of baby cockroaches. You can use insect spray. The alternative is to use capable contact killer and use them with a sprayer. If this does not work, you can use another chemical which is boric acid. This acid is also effective to kill insect including cockroach. Although the process is slow but still effective to kill them.

  1. Use trap

The trap is quite effective. But you need to make several trips in order to get rid of them very quickly. You can buy cockroach trap in store. We recommend you to use the paste one. This trap is good compared with other cockroach traps. You can mix the bait with an insect growth regulator to stopping them from maturing.

  1. Seal the holes and cracks

You can use caulk to seal the holes and cracks. First, you need to remove the area from dirt. After that, you can apply masking tape on each side of the holes and cracks so you have a straight edge. Cutting the caulk and pierce to the inner seal with a knife. Use your finger to smooth the caulk in holes and cracks. The last step is to remove the masking tape.

Those are three ways to get rid of baby cockroach permanently. Don’t forget to clean your home since they tend to live in a dirty place.

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