How To Wear Scarves For Men?

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Doesn’t matter what the weather it is; scarves have always been the coolest accessories for men fashion style everywhere. Frankly, adding the accessories that have nothing to do with the functional matter of men’s style can be a little bit tricky. If you still clueless how to add a scarf to your outfit, then keep reading this article.

Elevate Men Fashion Style With Scarf

Your scarf doesn’t always have to be made of wool. In fact, cotton and acrylic can be the alternative. When you are not brave enough to pull off the bright colored scarf, the neutral ones are the best starter. Neutral doesn’t mean plain black. Grey and brown might look exquisite on you. Therefore, here is the advice how to wear a scarf for men fashion style:

  • Put your scarf in the drape style. It literally requires zero effort to drape your scarf around your neck. The thing is, you will look even more stylish if you let the end of each side has the different length. Allow your scarf to peek out from under the lapels by tuck it into your suit.
  • The toss style. This super simple and easy style only requires you to just drape your scarf and toss one side of it over your opposite shoulder. Nothing hard to do, right? This style of wearing a scarf will give you more warmth compared to the normal drape.
  • The Parisian knot style. All you need is just to fold your scarf in a half and meet the end to end, and then throw your folded scarf around your neck in a drape style. Before you step outside, don’t forget to pull the end to tighten the drape.

A scarf actually comes handier if you live in a certain weather conditions area such as Europe. However, fashion is always flexible wherever you reside. Well, I dare you to add this accessory to your taste of men fashion style. Enjoy!

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