Types Of Shrimp For Shrimp Exporters

Shrimp is one of the types of food that comes from the ocean, where shrimp is one of the most famous seafood and the most favorite in the community. Shrimp is a mainstay export commodity for Indonesia, able to give foreign exchange quite large. Commodities Indonesia shrimp exporters are shrimp that is in a state of frozen, fresh shrimp and shrimp that have been processed. Saar is Indonesia as one of the highest shrimp producing countries in the world. Indonesian shrimp commodities are able to compete with other shrimp such as from India, Vietnam, Ecuador, Tiongkok, Thailand, and Argentina. While the main market share of shrimp exports is to Japan, the United States, and countries in the region of Europe.

Type Of Shrimp Exporters Is Superior To Indonesia

Based on statistical data, Indonesia shrimp exporters have reached 136.3 thousand yon with the value of US $ 1.13 billion during January until August 2016. Which export volume of shrimp itself increased to reach 6.84%, while for export value rose achieved 3, 75%. Here are some of the best shrimp species exported from Indonesia. The first type of shrimp is vannamei shrimp. Vannamei shrimp farming is growing rapidly in Indonesia lately. Where the shrimp is superior because it has advantages compared with other shrimp.

Shrimp vannamei as one of Indonesia shrimp exporters has the advantage over other shrimp, such as having the body resistance to various types of disease higher than other shrimp, more precise growth, and the period used for maintenance is quite short, surviving life during the maintenance process, another advantage is the provision of feed that is relatively easier. In addition to consisting of various advantages, this type of shrimp can have developed with traditional shrimp pond techniques, semi-intensive or intensive shrimp intensive is in a demand by the United States market, vannamei an in small to medium size. The price can reach 80 thousand rupiahs’ kilogram.

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