Optimus Prime In Watch Transformer 5 Complete

regarder transformer the last knightOptimus Prime is the most influential figure in regarder transformer the last knight complet. If in the transformer series there is no role of Optimus may be like a lifeless movie because the main character is lost. Little describes how this Optimus personality in this transformer film, the good and courageous robot, always defends the truth and protector of the Earth, Cybertron, and outer space from the evil influence of his enemy, the Megatron. Optimus Prime is highly respected and respected by its Autobots are as loyal followers and there is some deception that recognizes his prowess. Optimus prime he used to live with his Autobots live in Cybertron, Cybertron but destroyed by Megatron Optimus and his Autobots go to earth. And the departure of the Optimus is known by some Decepticon enemies to the earth and the Megatron is launching its attack after Cybertron.

The Fate Of Prime Optimus In Watch Transformer 5 Complete

In some series regarder transformer the last knight complet, this Optimus Prime always gains victory over its enemies, and the Megatron was destroyed and the enemy Optimus turned into a Galvatron as the reincarnation of the Megatron. The same character and trait as the Megatron, the Galvatron is an evil transformer and desperately wants to destroy Optimus Prime and its followers and the earth as a refuge from Cybertron. Then in transformer 5 what is the fate of Optimus Prime? Because the Megatron has returned with its growing power and wants to achieve its goal in destroying the earth?

According to some sites that many explain about his opinion in the regarder transformer the last knight complet, there will be a great battle between the two robots of Optimus Prime and Megatron. According to some, this battle will be the greatest and greatest battle as well as the last battle. And it is possible that this war is the end of prime optimum life. If this is true, then this earth will actually be taken over by Megatron to become a place full of destruction. But if seen from previous Transformers, Optimus Prime has “Autobot matrix of leadership” and if it is Optimus Prime, the possibility of Autobot matrix of leadership will be inherited to Rodimus Prime.