Lifespan Of A Chicken; Feather Pecking

Lifespan Of A ChickenFeather pecking is one of the problems that come to the chicken life period. In the lifespan of a chicken, you will find that your chicken experience feather pecking. This condition is a non-medical condition. You have to know about this problem so that you do not get any misunderstanding with the condition of your chicken. What is feather pecking? What is the difference with molting? So, are you curious about this problem? If you are curious about this problem, please read the following paragraphs for more information about what feather pecking is to know more explanation about it.

Lifespan Of A Chicken With Feather Pecking

In the lifespan of a chicken, you might find the period of feather pecking. You have to know that this condition is different with molting, even though both of the problems related with a feather. This problem happens because there is imbalance social condition between hens on the farm. Yes, it can be because of the bullying problem. When your chickens experience the feather pecking, you have to think about the way out of this problem. So, you have to make an observation about the chickens that become the bully. Then, after you have the exact result about the one that becomes the bully, you have to remove it for a while and put it in a different place.

Then, after few days, you can get it back to the original place. Because of the hen back to the place, it does not mean the hen will bully again. At that time, the social status will be different, so that the bully will be in lower condition and do not have any condition to bully the other chickens. Since feather pecking can cause the damage to the skin, you have to try that kind of problem-solving about this problem. That is all the information about feather pecking in a lifespan of a chicken.