Healthy Cooking Recipes; Summer Porridge

easy cooking recipesWhen you want to prepare your own healthy cooking recipes, Summer Porridge can be one of your choices. This menu will be something delicious and nutritious for you. You can prepare some ingredients first before you start to make your Summer Porridge. Besides that, making this meal also belongs to the easy cooking that you can try anytime you want.

Healthy Cooking Recipes For Summer Porridge

In making this one of healthy cooking recipes, you have to prepare some ingredients. Please, make sure that you can prepare 300ml almond milk, 2 tbsp. chia seeds, ½ tbsp. maple syrup, 100g jumbo oats, 200g blueberries, 2 tsp mixed seeds, 1 kiwi fruit which you have to slice it into small slices, and the last is 50g pomegranate seeds. After you already finish in preparing the ingredients, you can start the process of making your Summer Porridge. So, what are the steps that you have to do to make your Summer Porridge?

First, you have to prepare the blender. In the blender, you can put some ingredients, which are the milk, maple syrup and also the blubbery. Then, you have to blend it until the color turns into purple. After that, you can put the oats and also the chia into a bowl with enough size. Then, pour the blended milk into that bowl. After that, stir it carefully. Then, you can stir those ingredients until the liquid is absorbed by the oats and the chia. You can stop when the chia and the oats are thickened. Then, you have to stir the ingredients again using two bowls. To make it beautiful, arrange the fruit on the top of your porridge and pour the mixed seeds above it.  Make sure that you only add the topping when you want to serve the porridge. That is all the information for you about one of many healthy cooking recipes. Enjoy your cooking.