Nougat Android Features with Split Screen

Android NougatMultitasking is one of the most demanded features in various kinds of technologies that we have. The reason is that it allows someone to work seamlessly on two or more tasks without too much problem. The Android operating system can do such work in a great way especially when it comes to the newer version called Nougat. Nougat android features so many cool stuff that you can try. One of them is split screen. As we all know, the split screen allows you to split your android screen into two. You can use the split screens for different tasks such as browsing and play small game. However, you should know that the Nougat android features with the split screen are limited.

Nougat Android Features That You Should Know

The split screen is only applicable for some applications as nougat android features. Even the developer of Android does not make all their application compatible with the split screen. There is one reason why certain apps cannot be turned into split-screen compatible. It is because of the highly variable of screen available in Android devices. Additional complicated codes should be written just for allowing split screen which is rarely used by android users. If you ask why it is because the screens are just not wide enough to split the screen unless the users use tab instead of a typical 5-inch smartphone.

Even though it sounds disappointing, some great applications have been made compatible for split screen. One of them is chrome. It does not take a long time from the way Google implements split screen for Nougat until chrome is made to support split screen. It is not like Apple which just recently made Safari possible for split screen. Nougat android features an excellent customization for your user interface. It is delivered nicely with the presence of a split screen, especially in the most-used browser.