Learn More About Fitness Equipment

With regard to health tips, knowing the sports or fitness equipment is also important to increase our insight. In general, fitness equipment is divided into 3 categories: free-weight, body weight training station, and machine.

The Types Of Fitness Tools That We Need To Know

Here is an explanation of the type of fitness equipment and its advantages.

  1. Free-weight Fitness Tool

Called free-weight because the tools in this category are loads that can be moved freely without being attached to cables or other objects. Exercise using free-weight fitness equipment has several advantages, for example: very efficient because it can be used for various exercise variations, improve body balance, burn many calories, increase physical strength significantly, the price is relatively cheaper, small size so it can be placed anywhere.

  1. Body Weight Training Station

The types of fitness equipment bodyweight training station are a tool used to help fitness exercises that only use the body weight such as push-ups, chin-ups, dips, and so forth. The advantage of exercise with these tools is very effective because it adapts to the condition of our body.

  1. Machine Tools

Machine tools are generally large shape and complex tool used to isolate the exercise in order to obtain maximum results in certain muscles. Machine fitness tools have several advantages in using them, among others: Helps the body to be easy in doing a fitness movement, the risk of injury becomes smaller, can concentrate the exercise on certain muscles as we want. Machine fitness equipment is divided into 2 namely single stations and multi-station. A single station is used only for 1 movement while multi-station can be used for various movements.

It is important for us to know the type of fitness equipment available in the gym, so we know the name of the tool and how to use it and can make it easier for us to understand the instructor’s instructions.

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