Infantigo Can Happens to Anyone

Infantigo is known as an infectious skin disease. This disease often seen in face skin, neck skin, hands, and feet. Anyone can be infected by this skin disease, especially the kid and babies. This can happen because of poor hygiene, too hot weather, or because of the adverse effects of an infection on the skin, immune deficiency, and also another dangerous disease. For minor ailments can be cured only with excellent treatment in hygiene.

Treatment that You Can Do at Home

There are some curing treatment at home for infantigo. The first is white vinegar. White vinegar is able to stop the infection and make the infected area become dry. The steps to apply antibiotic washing are: First, make the mixture of one spoon of white vinegar and two cups of warm water. Then, apply the solution in the infected area using cotton ball or anything clean. The next thing you should do is pat the dry skin and apply it over the antibiotic ointment. After that, cover the infected area using bandage. Do it for two or three times a day until infection is dissapear.

The second method is heat therapy. Heat works by killing bacteria which is the main cause of infection. To do this method, the first thing you should do is to soak a fabric in boiled water and squeeze it. Put a warm cloth in the area that is infected by the disease for minutes. You can repeat the steps at least three times. In addition, you can use steam as another alternative.

The next one is tea tree oil. It can help fight the disease and reduce symptoms. To use this method, firstly, you should mix a tablespoon of olive oil with about two to three drop of tea tree oil. Second, you can start to apply it in the infected area. Third, leave it for about half an hour. Fourth, rinse with warm water. Better do these for several times a day for several days. Please use this method to wash affected areas about two to three times a day. You can also visit for more helpful tips.

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