Greetings From Canned Tuna Indonesia

It cannot be denied that tuna become one of the most favorite seafood in the world. The demand for tuna in the global market is increasing every year. So, no wonder if the suppliers are often confused to meet the global market demand. Indonesia is one of the many exporting countries of tuna. Surrounded by vast oceans, Indonesia can take benefit of this geographical factor. Indonesian waters are inhabited by hundreds of species of tuna. This is certainly advantageous for local fishermen to hunt tuna. Many of them also produce canned tuna Indonesia. With a quality that is not less good, Indonesia is ready to compete in the canned tuna market.

Behind The Superiority Of Canned Tuna Indonesia

Canned tuna from Indonesia has good quality. Other tuna products also certainly have the same good quality. This is due to the abundance of fresh tuna stocks caught by local fishermen. In addition, the method of catching by local fishermen was somewhat environmentally friendly. Under Indonesian law, fishing should not be done illegally, such as using a fish bomb or chemical poison. Thus, fresh tuna fish Indonesian fishermen catch is always good quality. As a result, canned tuna Indonesia is also of good quality. Therefore, Indonesia becomes the main destination of canned tuna importers to meet their stock.

Indonesian canned tuna production has been exported to many countries such as Japan, South Korea, China, United States, as well as European countries. This is due to the abundance of tuna fish from Indonesian waters. Tuna has become one of Indonesia’s main export commodities since a long time. Both fresh tuna and preserved tuna are always exported to various parts of the world from Indonesia. The tuna is exported in the form of frozen tuna, smoked tuna, and canned tuna. Therefore, there is no doubt that canned tuna Indonesia has a superior quality.

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