Good Foods for Healthy Hair

Hair is the most precious thing, some said. Hair is kind of a crown which has to look better. However, there are some problems occurred in your hair. Dandruff, oily hair, dried hair, or even hair loss are the most problematic thing happens to hair. In that situation, there are so many causes that make these problems occur. However, you still can do some treatment to reduce and avoid these kinds of problem. You can start to control your meal by consuming foods that will help to increase healthy hair.

What to Eat to Make Your Hair Healthier

When you have some problems with your hair, you can start to do some treatment. However, you have to track the causes first then take the solution after that. Besides having treatment, you can also concern on what you eat. For the first recommendation, you can take the egg to maintain your hair to be healthier. By consuming eggs, you will get more protein which is good for your hair.

Second, you can also take citrus fruit which has rich in vitamin C. As the best recommendation, you can take one lime or orange on a day to fulfill your vitamin C in the body. These two citrus fruits will help to grow your hair fast.

Third, you can also add the dark leafy greens to your meals. Most of the dark leafy greens have higher iron, especially spinach. In fact, your hair will grow so weak when you are run out of oxygen, iron, and nutrients. As the best solution, you can take enough nutrients and iron from spinach.

For the last, carrot can be the best treatment to make your hair healthier. With great vitamin A, the carrot will help to produce more natural sebum on the scalp to boost the hair growth.

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