Garbage Disposal for Black Water Treatment Plant

garbage disposalPollutant which is contained in waste water can be very dangerous for the environment; either it is produced by office building or households. Hence, the waste water needs a more advanced management in the garbage disposal system. Waste water is generally divided into 3 types which include black water, gray water, and clear water waste. As each of these waste water has its own characteristics, before being disposed of each of them needs different management, especially the black water waste since it is more difficult to handle than the others.

Garbage Disposal Technology in Managing Black Water

Black water is waste water from the mixture of urine, feces, and flush water along with the anal cleansing water, which contains pathogens of feces and components of urine that dissolved in the flush water. As the black water contains pathogens, it must be decomposed before it can be safely released to the environment. It needs a more advanced garbage disposal system applied in the water treatment plant. This waste water flows into the septic tank which contains decomposing microorganism inside that is used for decomposing those waste collected in the septic tank. However, building a septic tank in an inappropriate way will lead to the death of the microorganism. A well-built septic tank is commonly using priority technology.

As a garbage disposal system used in the black water treatment plant, priority technology is using tech cell media which is a medium that has an ability to increase the rate of the microorganism growth and speed up the process of mud sedimentation. As it has a small size, Priority does not take over much space and can be buried away underground or put foreground as well. Other excellences of biority are eco-friendly, easy to its installation, small size that not taking over much space, long lasting for it is made of corrosion resistant material, output water from biority is clean water which can be safely released to the environment.

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