Food You Eat for Healthy Skin

There is no doubt that our body needs nutrition to make it healthy. When unhealthy diet is able to damage our metabolism, and damage our body at overall, it is also able to damage another essential organ in our body: skin! What we eat also affect how healthy our skin is. That’s why we need to know some of the foods that have the ability to enhance our skin health.

Food 1: Fatty Fish

In the first place, there is fatty fish which is able to make your skin healthy. There are various options that you can take when it comes to fatty fish. Your options will include everything from mackerel, salmon, and herring. These fatty fish offer you omega-3 fatty acids that will promote healthy skin. It will make sure that your skin moisturized, supple and also thick.

Food 2: Avocados

Second, we have avocados that are also healthy for our skin. Avocado delivers you fat, but the healthy one. It gives you healthy fat that your skin needs to stay healthy. In this case, the avocado will help you to achieve springy and supple skin. More importantly, it can also protect your skin from the harmful effect of sun exposure such as aging sign like a wrinkle.

Food 3: Walnuts

Next, there is walnut which has everything you need to achieve great skin as well. Walnuts offer you the benefit of essential fatty acids that your body is not able to make it by itself. More interestingly, it is also richer in omega-3 and also omega-6 compared to other types of nut.

Those are several foods that you can have when you want to achieve a healthy skin. In addition, there are some other foods that you can take into accounts such as sunflower seeds, sweet potatoes, yellow or red bell peppers, broccoli, and tomatoes.

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