Facts You Should Know About Milkfish

Milkfish Bangus is known as Bandeng which is one of the sole living species from the Chanidae family. They are the saltwater fish with silver colored one which lay down their eggs in the shallow waters and also can withstand with low salinity water. There are many people who eat this fish because it has rich good sources for our body. Like the other fish, this one is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which are good for our hearts and our brains. You also can consume this fish and get the benefits health you can get from consuming this fish regularly.


If you want to find this Milkfish Bangus, you can find them in the tropical waters. Usually, you can find them along coasts of islands or continents, especially in the sea where the reefs are developed well. You also can find them in large coastal lagoons.

Their habitat in the depth of range between 0 to 30 m with the saline, shallow, clear, and warm waters over 20 degrees Celsius. You can find this fish in the freshwater lakes like in the Juveniles, Madagascar, Indonesia, and the Philippines.


Milkfish Bangus is a herbivore. They nibble the plants, diatoms, algae, and small plankton. They don’t have any teeth, so they nibble the food to eat them. Occasionally, they eat small fish or invertebrates while they try to nibble the plants and algae.

They often enter into the shallow areas to find their food. Well, if you want to harvest this fish, you just have to make sure that you provide enough food for them. Why? When they are hungry and there is no food around them, they can eat their larva and their eggs. Thus, if you want to harvest them, make sure that you provide enough food for them.

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