Why Earthquakes Occur, What Causes Earthquakes?

what causes earthquakesEarthquake is one of the natural disasters. Sometimes earthquake is followed by a tsunami if the center of the earthquakes is in the sea. Why earthquakes occur and what causes earthquakes? There are two types of earthquakes divided by what causes it. The tectonic earthquakes, and volcanic earthquakes. The tectonic earthquakes are caused by the shifting of earth plates while the volcanic earthquakes are caused by volcanic activity. Since it is a natural disaster, so we can’t prevent it to happen. The cause is natural, and it will happen, we like it or not. We can’t do anything to prevent earthquakes from happening, but we can at least mitigate the damage and minimalize the casualties. Information about earthquake, tremors, tectonic shift and earth plates can broaden up your knowledge and understandings about earthquakes. If you are looking for information on earthquake, then you have come to the right place.

What Causes Earthquakes And How To Protect Our Loved Ones From Earthquakes Danger?

Mostly, the earthquakes are the tectonic earthquakes. The tectonic earthquakes are caused by the movements of the earth plates, and the collision of the earth plates. Beneath us, inside the earth mantle, there are many giant rocks that flowing in the magma inside the earth. These giant rocks are what we called earth plates. The movements of earth plate can change the land on the surface. Sometimes, these giant rocks will crash with each other, and break. From the crash, it will create seismic waves that vibrate through earth mantle. Once the vibration reaches the surface it will tremble and shake the ground. The vibration sometimes small and we can’t feel it, but sometimes it is big enough to crush our house. The measurements of earthquakes vibration are called magnitude. That’s it the answer on what causes earthquakes.

How to protect our loved ones from earthquakes danger? There are earthquake safety kits, Inside the safety kit, there is helmet to protect our heads, flashlight, gloves, water, first aid kit and many another emergency kit. These kits can help you when there is big earthquake struck in your city, and you are stuck inside the crumbling building. More info about earthquakes and what causes earthquakes provided in the link above.

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