“Do & Don’t” During Nursing Period

Nursing period is the most precious time for a mother. However, some of the mothers might get distressed since they have a problem with breast milk. Actually, there are so many ways on how to increase breast milk. So, the bay will get enough nutrients. In that situation, the mother is better not to get stress easily. She has to be motivated to get more breast milk supply for her baby. That is why it is important to prepare all of them first. You have to know what and how to face this situation. Here is some information of should and shouldn’t thing do during the nursing period.

“DO” During Nursing Period

For the first, you have to know some things that should be done as the way on how to increase breast milk. As the important thing, you have to know that your baby will eat what you eat. So, make sure that you get your meal properly. Try to eat more vegetables and fruits which can help to increase the production of breast milk. Then, don’t forget to take water routinely since it is important to increase the volume of breast milk and keep you hydrated.

“DON’T” During Nursing Period

For the second, there are also some things that shouldn’t be done during nursing time. During your nursing period, try to avoid alcoholic drink or even beer. It is highly not recommended for you. You may be relaxed with alcohol, but it will decrease the flow of breast milk. Then, don’t take oregano and sage since both of them will bring a negative effect on your milk production. After that, as the way on how to increase breast milk, you have also try to avoid eating more peppermint and spearmint. If you take much spearmint or peppermint candies, so the milk supply will be decreasing.

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