Custom ROM In Asus Zenfone Blog’s

Asus Zenfone BlogA Custom ROM is special because it will make your phone is far different from your normal view. Asus Zenfone Blog is about to show you that a new custom ROM is not only getting your phone rooted, or installing a new launcher that you get in play store. It is much more than that because it will change the whole package. Many people say that it is too dangerous to install a custom ROM, and they are probably right. Installing a custom ROM is changing the firmware of your phone, which any smartphone’s company does not suggest it because it can ruin your phone. However, like an old saying, it always takes the risk to get a result.

Asus Zenfone Blog: New Firmware, New Look, New Performance

If you decide to install a custom ROM, you need to install TWRP on your phone. It can be done without it, but it will be easier with TWRP because it will customize your recovery mode. If you want to know about how to install TWRP, you have could see the article on Asus Zenfone Blog. You could get many advantages by installing a custom ROM, and it depends on the ROM itself. First, you will get a new look. You will get a different view of the menu, and it feels like a new launcher that you download it in play store. However, when you get a bit deeper, you will see the difference. For example, if you see the whole setting menu, it is not the same with the old one.

Of course, the performance will also be different, because every firmware has different launcher and amount of applications. Many of custom ROMs are lighter than the original firmware, but some custom ROMs are heavier because they use too much performance on its appearance. If you pick the lighter one, your phone’s battery will stay longer. If you want to see custom ROMs for your Zenfone, you should visit Asus Zenfone blog, because there are various amazing ROMs that are worth installing.

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