Create Fillable And Printable Application In 3 Minutes

Nowadays, you will need a fillable and printable job application as one of the important properties for the recruitment process. You need to give the application to candidates and let them fill and print out their data. In that situation, you have to create the most effective application. You can use Developer tab from Microsoft Word to give more options on your fillable and printable application.

How To Insert Date Picker For Fillable And Printable Application?

If you want to make your printable job application to be efficiently fillable, so you need to add some tools. One of the common tools on the application is Date Picker. Typically, it has been inserted to show birth date or other date data option. So, how to insert Date Picker from Developer Tab? Before that, you have to make sure that there is Developer tab on your toolbar. You need to activate the Developer tab first. After that, you can click Date Picker Content which is on the left side of Properties. Then, the box will appear on your paper. For editing, you can click the date box and choose properties.

How To Insert Drop Down List Content For Fillable And Printable Application

Besides Date Picker, you will also need Drop Down box. Typically, this box is used for choosing direct options. As like steps before, you can also choose the tools from Developer tab. For the Drop Down box, you can find it on the left side of Date Picker Content. After clicking it, the box will appear. If you want to modify the instruction, so you can choose Design Mode to change it. To add more options, you need to click that box and choose Properties. Just fill the Drop Down list as you want to share on a printable job application.

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