Chinese Restaurants Near Me Open Now In New York City

chinese buffet restaurants near meChinese restaurants are loved by many families because of its quick servings, delicious and also rather cheap price. If you are looking for Chinese restaurants to eat, then Chinese restaurants near me open now will tell you about recommended Chinese restaurants located in New York City. Since there is a lot of Chinese immigrants in U.S, no wonder that now there are much Chinese opening their Chinese restaurant business. You can find many Chinese restaurants all over the city, but what restaurants are good, and have tasty Chinese foods? Now, we are here to tell you, where you should try eating Chinese foods. If you live in New York City, you can just go to one of these restaurants and prove this article. The restaurants listed here are recommended ones because their menus and the places are really something, exotic, authentic and different but delicious. Now, we will tell you about some recommended Chinese restaurants in New York City.

New York City Famous Chinese Restaurants, Chinese Restaurants Near Me Open Now Article

The first restaurants on Chinese restaurants near me open now the list is Nom Wah Tea Parlor. This Chinese restaurant is located in China town, and it offers you a delicious Dim Sum. This is the first Dim Sum house in New York since 1920. The special menu here, of course, the Dim Sum. But you will also find sweets, cookies, Almond Cookies and Special moon cakes. These restaurants are quite famous and reach it top popularity in 2010. If you want to go to original and authentic Chinese restaurants, then this is the place.

Next, on the list, we will have Mission Chinese Food, located in the Downtown of New York City. If you prefer spicy and hard Chinese foods, then this is a suitable place for you. It offers you the special Chicken wings and Kung Pao Pastrami. Not only the menus are good, but you will also find the atmosphere here is cozy. It is very lively and worth to see. It is worth it to visit downtown just to eat at this Chinese restaurant. That’s it the two recommended Chinese restaurants in New York City by Chinese restaurants near me open now article.

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