Search For Best Seaweed Supplier?

Seaweed becomes very famous nowadays because of the traditional foods from Korea and Japan: Kimbab, Sushi or other foods made of seaweed. Dried seaweed manufacturers become popular because of the needs of dried seaweed is high now. Well, do not want to have healthy and tasty foods like sushi or other made of seaweed food? You even can eat the dried seaweed directly. They are very tasty. So, are you searching for the supplier of seaweed?

Find The Best And Premium Seaweed Manufacturers And Supplier Here

Take seaweed anytime you want from the sea but you do not know that on need more process to make it dried and tasty. Then, to get that ready to eat seaweed; you will need the best manufacturers. Ok, I will introduce you to the best manufacturer of seaweed and other seafood from Indonesia. They have these qualities:

  1. The dried seaweed manufacturers give you the best and premium products of seafood such as dried seaweed, seaweed powder, tuna, sardines, and catfish and so on.
  2. The factory using the modern technology and machines to process the products to be hygiene and have good quality.
  3. They have good services for people who need the suppliers.
  4. They have good and best professional team to help you anything related to services and offer.
  5. There are more good things about this Indonesian factory of seaweed.

Well, you will find out all about this suppliers and manufacturers or seaweed and seafood on their official website page. I will give you the link here: dried seaweed manufacturers. Click the link and you will be there. You know, there are many places to get seaweed now; especially the dried ones but if you can find the best quality of seaweed for you and your customers why you need those mainstream seaweeds in the market, right? If you are lucky, maybe you will get the best deal.

Types Of Shrimp For Shrimp Exporters

Shrimp is one of the types of food that comes from the ocean, where shrimp is one of the most famous seafood and the most favorite in the community. Shrimp is a mainstay export commodity for Indonesia, able to give foreign exchange quite large. Commodities Indonesia shrimp exporters are shrimp that is in a state of frozen, fresh shrimp and shrimp that have been processed. Saar is Indonesia as one of the highest shrimp producing countries in the world. Indonesian shrimp commodities are able to compete with other shrimp such as from India, Vietnam, Ecuador, Tiongkok, Thailand, and Argentina. While the main market share of shrimp exports is to Japan, the United States, and countries in the region of Europe.

Type Of Shrimp Exporters Is Superior To Indonesia

Based on statistical data, Indonesia shrimp exporters have reached 136.3 thousand yon with the value of US $ 1.13 billion during January until August 2016. Which export volume of shrimp itself increased to reach 6.84%, while for export value rose achieved 3, 75%. Here are some of the best shrimp species exported from Indonesia. The first type of shrimp is vannamei shrimp. Vannamei shrimp farming is growing rapidly in Indonesia lately. Where the shrimp is superior because it has advantages compared with other shrimp.

Shrimp vannamei as one of Indonesia shrimp exporters has the advantage over other shrimp, such as having the body resistance to various types of disease higher than other shrimp, more precise growth, and the period used for maintenance is quite short, surviving life during the maintenance process, another advantage is the provision of feed that is relatively easier. In addition to consisting of various advantages, this type of shrimp can have developed with traditional shrimp pond techniques, semi-intensive or intensive shrimp intensive is in a demand by the United States market, vannamei an in small to medium size. The price can reach 80 thousand rupiahs’ kilogram.

Industrial Carrageenan Powder Manufacturer

For any industrial need, carrageenan is important. Although this is an affordable ingredient for any food or cosmetics, this is an essential part of any product. When you are looking for the best product, you can choose the best carrageenan powder manufacturer for your need. You will also be able to find lots of advantages by using the carrageenan for your products. This is reasonable since you can also choose some things that will be great. In this case, you can get the best product from the best manufacturer by getting them all together.

Why Choosing Powder Carrageenan

When you are looking for something different for your need, you can choose for the best carrageenan powder manufacturer. In this case, the manufacturer will harvest the red algae that are used for creating carrageenan product. The algae are Kappphycus alvarezii, a kind of red algae that is suitable for everyone who is looking for carrageenan inside. The algae are easy to plant, which makes many companies farm them in the ocean near to the company. After being harvested, the red algae then get to the processing machine and getting to some procedures to extract the carrageenan from the algae.

The final result is the powder carrageenan that will be ready to be distributed. The powder is also a great choice for every industry, such as in many factories of jelly and ice cream, which can be easily mixed and dissolved in the product. Therefore, this will not be a bothering thing for the company. When you are looking for a solution to suppress your expense in production, you can also choose using this carrageenan powder since it will be great for you so it will still give you the same result without degrading the quality of your product. So, make sure you get the best from carrageenan powder manufacturer.

Trusted Tiger Shrimp Suppliers

Looking for black tiger shrimp suppliers? then you have come to the right place, because we are trusted, and one of the best tiger shrimp suppliers in Indonesia, and in progress of becoming one of the best in South East Asian. Well, as we know, that tiger shrimp, especially giant black tiger shrimp are popular crustacean, second most harvested and cultivated crustacean on the world, second only to white-legged shrimp. The size of black tiger shrimp can reach for 30 cm for female and only 25 cm for a male. This shrimp has widely cultivated thanks to its unique taste, and also gives you unique sea flavor. This crustacean is also very versatile, which means this shrimp can be cooked in many dishes and seafood. If you are looking for the freshest, and the best quality of giant or black tiger shrimp, then you will need trusted suppliers for you. Well, you can count on us to bring you the best and freshest supplies of giant tiger shrimp.

Fresh, Best, And Also Fat Black Tiger Shrimp Suppliers

Our supplies of black tiger shrimp are freshly harvested from the sea of Indonesia. We have some business partner, from tiger shrimp farmer that happily gives you the freshest and the best quality of tiger shrimp. Our supplies of tiger shrimp are guaranteed for the best quality, the freshest one with the best way to preserve it, so it can still be the freshest even after a long journey to your doorstep. We become one of the best black tiger shrimp suppliers in Indonesia, it all thanks to the best and freshest quality of tiger shrimp.

Don’t wait out the stock for black tiger shrimp in a market near you to go out. You can now, order for the huge stock of black tiger shrimp here on our website, and our trusted delivery services will deliver you right to your doorstep. Visit our site here, to get you into our trusted black tiger shrimp suppliers service.

Good Benefits Of Consuming White Shrimp

White shrimp is one of the best recommendation food for balancing your supply. As like as another type of seafood, the shrimp has good nutrients like protein and mineral. Moreover, it is also low in calorie that makes it even good for your health. There are so many nutrients contained for white shrimp which are good for your health. Based on some researchers, there are some good benefits by consuming more shrimp.

Benefits Of Consuming More Shrimp

There are some benefits by consuming white shrimp. As mentioned before, in every gram of shrimp contains protein, vitamins, and mineral which are good for your health. For the first benefit of consuming more shrimp is it is good for your diet. Since the shrimp provides high protein, it is highly recommended for you to generate more new proteins. Moreover, the protein in shrimp is also good to regulate your blood sugar. That is why shrimp can be a substitution menu which has higher protein than chicken breast.

Secondly, you will help more enzyme activation in your body for consuming more shrimps. The shrimps have selenium and zinc which are good for performing the chemical reaction in your body. With zinc, you can boost more energy. Moreover, with more enzyme in your body will help you to against any possibility of cancer growth.

Thirdly, there are also vitamin B12 and vitamin A which are good for your blood cell health. Vitamin B12 contained is every gram of shrimp helps produce iron which is responsible for blood cell circulation. Then, vitamin A is also good for controlling the cell development in red blood.

However, these nutrients will be nothing when you bought the mishandled shrimp. So, make sure that you buy the high-quality one. For the best recommendation, you can visit

Find The Shrimp Suppliers Near You

There are many ways for you if you want to have the best answer to your question. One of them is using the modern technology which usually you use. As if you need to find the Indonesia freshwater shrimp suppliers to supply your shrimp requirements, you just have to find it by using the internet connection and it can help you so much.

How To Find The Shrimp Suppliers Near You?

In this technology era, you should not confuse if you want to look for something that you need. You just have to use your mobile phone and internet connection to help you get the best answer for what you would like to know. In this case, if you want to look for the Indonesia freshwater shrimp suppliers, all you can do is finding it on the internet.

If you use the internet for it, you can get many websites of shrimp suppliers that you can choose based on what you need. You just need to classify what kind of the shrimp suppliers that you need. You can sort out the suppliers which are manufacturing in your country as well.

You should note that if you search the suppliers’ websites by using the internet connection, you can get the suppliers which are not in the same country as yours. Thus, you should make sure that your chosen supplier is manufacturing in your country as well. It will be so much better if you find the suppliers near you. However, if it is impossible, at least the suppliers are manufacturing in your country

If you live in Indonesia, it means you need to choose the Indonesia freshwater shrimp suppliers as well. There are many shrimp suppliers which you can choose one and you just have to trust to them for supplying the freshwater shrimp for you.

The Best Fillet For Fish Soup

For the cooking enthusiasts, choosing fish for your menu is not something that is difficult. Indeed, fish is the simplest food that you can cook for your house. The fishes are available in the market with affordable price. Especially when you are choosing the catfish, you will find so many versions of catfish meat that is perfect for you. There is also frozen catfish Indonesia that is perfect for you who cannot get the fresh one. Although cooking with the fresh fishes is recommended, you also find the frozen fish delicious to be cooked.

Choosing The Fish For Soup

One of the simplest recipes for the ones who love to cook is the soup. Soup is one of the greatest recipes for the newbies in cooking. As you can choose the soup made from various meat, you can also cook the catfish soup. There are also some alternatives to cooking the fish with tom yum recipe. Besides of giving you delicious meal for your supper, you can also get the soft meat of the catfish that melts on your tongue. But, what is the best fish meat for your soup? If you choose the fresh catfish, you might find it delicious. But, what if you choose the frozen catfish Indonesia?

Lots of people are choosing the frozen fish over the fresh one because they don’t know how to clean the fish. Indeed, not all people can clean and cook the fish properly. So, if you want to make soup, the fillet frozen catfish will be a great choice. This is a soft fish with sweet meat flavor. You will also get so many advantages, as the catfish is affordable and you can buy them in the traditional market to the hypermarket, thus you will not find it tricky to choose. For more information about them, you can visit

Get Ideal Diet By Consuming Milkfish

Bandeng, Bangus, or milkfish is one of the most favorite fish to eat. It is not only easy to find, but the milkfish is kind of affordable fish with high nutrients. You can even fulfill your nutrients well by consuming more milkfish routinely. Moreover, the milkfish is also easy to find whether in the conventional market, supermarket, or even milkfish suppliers. If you are on diet plan, so it must be the greatest menu for your supply.

Nutrients In The Milkfish

There are a lot of nutrients contained in each milkfish that will consume. For the best menu for your diet, you can choose a high-quality milkfish in milkfish suppliers. For the nutrients, the milkfish has some of the good nutrients which are good for your supply. For the first, it contains macronutrients. For each milkfish, there is 2.9 gram of saturated fat, 57 mg of cholesterol, 22.4 gram of protein, and also 78 mg of sodium. Second, it also contains various vitamins like vitamin B and B6. Although it does not have vitamins D, C, E, or K, the milkfish still have folate, riboflavin, and vitamin A.  Third, the milkfish also contains good minerals. Iron, zinc, phosphorus, calcium, and potassium which are needed for your supply served in this milkfish.

Serving Suggestion For Diet Milkfish

Diet does not mean that you have to reduce your supply. You can still have your portion as long as you cook the menu in right way. For diet milkfish, you have to make sure that you take right cooking methods which will not increase calorie and fat. As a recommendation, you can cook it with steaming, broiling, baking, and grilling method. Moreover, you have to consult with a doctor to get ideal diet plan. For better milkfish’s nutrients, try to find it on

Stages Of Quality Shrimp Processing

Frozen prawns suppliers is one of the best-known shrimp suppliers and best quality products. To provide satisfaction for customers then the process of processing using good technology and also sophisticated. Processing like this is done so that the freshness of shrimp will remain awake and also can last long. The products available are frozen prawns which are made cooling by a variety of different methods. Good cooling treatment of the shrimp will make the shrimp production process better and more and more. Therefore, in the process of shrimp cooling should not be the wrong stage. Starting from the shrimp breeding process is controlled until the process cooling done in a sterile place so that no dirt that can stick to the shrimp products.

Sterilization Of The Frozen Prawn’s Treatment Site

The place to process frozen prawns suppliers should be strict. Why? Because the shrimp are marine animals and also sensitive to the growth of microorganisms. Microorganisms will easily stick to the shrimp if the place is not sterile, it will make the shrimp is not good and not qualified. Then the shrimp to be cooled through the cooling process should be gradually clean so that the product frozen prawns produced will also be better and also delicious for consumption because there is no impurities or microorganisms that stick on shrimp. Therefore, it is very important to sterilize the processing place first so that the process will run smoothly.

Frozen prawns suppliers is a place for the supply of shrimps that are processed or preserved by cooling so that it is known as frozen prawns. In the process of cooling, it requires precision and can select which shrimps are suitable to serve as frozen prawns. As a result, will be made frozen shrimp that can be processed in various ways or other forms of processing with fresh frozen shrimp.

How To Start Dried Catfish Business

Catfish breeding is getting developed time over time. This will result in the overcapacity of catfish stock. Meanwhile, the durability of fresh catfish cannot stand for a long time. Therefore, it opens a new opportunity for a business in selling dried catfish. The abundant stock of fresh fish will have to be through the drying process. Thus, it would probably be not a problem to find dried catfish suppliers. However, the one that becomes the problem is that how to find a trusted and reliable supplier. It may be easy to sell the dried catfish because this product has its own market, but finding the right supplier will be an effortful task.

Finding The Right Dried Catfish Suppliers

Dried catfish business can be a prospective business since the dried catfish product demand is always increasing. You can start selling the dried catfish directly to the customers as a raw material. The customers of dried catfish as a raw material are usually business persons who run culinary business services. Another, you can also try to become one of them who sells the cuisine made of fried catfish. However, the main point of both options is to find the trusted and reliable dried catfish suppliers. Actually, you can browse on the internet for the suppliers. There are so many companies which provide dried catfish supplying service.

In order to know the reliability of the supplier, you can look for more information about the company.  For example, you can try to find out when the company was established. The age of the company can be a reference to the company’s reliability and trustworthiness. Then, you can also try to find out the customer’s testimony, whether most of them are satisfied or not. From the testimony, you can see how the reliability of the dried catfish suppliers. One of the most known, trusted, and experienced supplier is which has been established since long ago.

The Best Catfish Supplier In Indonesia

The food business is considered as a promising field to build your career as an entrepreneur. That’s why the world of food business keeps growing larger each time. There is always a newly open restaurant that provides various meals. Sometimes an eatery place only sells one specific menu, the catfish menu for example. From the food stalls by the road to the restaurants, catfish is always on the list. Due to a huge amount of catfish consumers, the catfish supplier is flooded by the orders. In Indonesia, the supplier of this tasty fish is quite a lot. If you are interested to know about catfish before they end up on your plate, please read below.

Order The Catfish With Us

Without the existence of the catfish supplier, you would probably never taste the catfish. Thankfully to the catfish itself because they are always available throughout the year, they are unlike those seasonal creatures. The supplier in our country really does care about their products since they are only eggs. They do catfish breeding and control them. The journey begins. The catfish eggs are placed in a special place to prevent them being eaten by the predators. When the sac fry comes out from the eggs it will grow to be fingerling. The strong fingerling then moved to a bigger place because they will grow into catfish. Besides, the amount of fingerling is hundreds! It takes around two years to let the fingerling grow into the catfish which has to weight one to two pounds to harvest.

After two years of waiting and take care of catfish, it’s time to harvest. Then the catfish will be cleaned to be used as a raw material. Then the lean meat will be cut based on the client demand. When everything is done, the next step is to pack the product neatly and ship them to the destination area. if you are looking for the best catfish supplier, click here

Facts You Should Know About Milkfish

Milkfish Bangus is known as Bandeng which is one of the sole living species from the Chanidae family. They are the saltwater fish with silver colored one which lay down their eggs in the shallow waters and also can withstand with low salinity water. There are many people who eat this fish because it has rich good sources for our body. Like the other fish, this one is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids which are good for our hearts and our brains. You also can consume this fish and get the benefits health you can get from consuming this fish regularly.


If you want to find this Milkfish Bangus, you can find them in the tropical waters. Usually, you can find them along coasts of islands or continents, especially in the sea where the reefs are developed well. You also can find them in large coastal lagoons.

Their habitat in the depth of range between 0 to 30 m with the saline, shallow, clear, and warm waters over 20 degrees Celsius. You can find this fish in the freshwater lakes like in the Juveniles, Madagascar, Indonesia, and the Philippines.


Milkfish Bangus is a herbivore. They nibble the plants, diatoms, algae, and small plankton. They don’t have any teeth, so they nibble the food to eat them. Occasionally, they eat small fish or invertebrates while they try to nibble the plants and algae.

They often enter into the shallow areas to find their food. Well, if you want to harvest this fish, you just have to make sure that you provide enough food for them. Why? When they are hungry and there is no food around them, they can eat their larva and their eggs. Thus, if you want to harvest them, make sure that you provide enough food for them.

Milkfish Exporters Or Suppliers Business

Sea fish suppliers and manufacturers become one of the best and promising business this day. Suppliers like mackerel suppliers, tuna suppliers, and milkfish suppliers are one of the most promising businesses for fish export and importer business. Why sea fish exporters or suppliers have become one of the best promising business, and what causes this? First of all, the sea fish distributor and suppliers are one of the best business to run to, because of the increasing demands for sea fish. Lately, there are more and more people that demanding for more sea fish like milkfish and salmon, thanks to the increasing sea fish consumption in this world, and also thanks to the increasing amount of the seafood restaurant. You need to know, that in every part of the world, now there are more than millions of sea fish harvested every year, and the number keeps increasing. If you have experience in handling sea fish business, then this type of business will be perfect for you.

The Benefits And Disadvantages Of Milkfish Suppliers And Other Sea Fish Suppliers

First, we are going to tell you about the benefits and advantages of sea fish suppliers like salmon suppliers or milkfish suppliers. The first benefits of being a sea fish suppliers are that you don’t need to worry about demand and costumer. If you are clever, then you can find that searching for costumer for your sea fish, isn’t really hard, and eventually, it is very easy to get and promising. Sea fish demands are keep growing every day, and now you can easily get your partner or costumer for sea fish.

Now, the disadvantages of sea fish suppliers are, that sometime the supply of your fish will be decreased, and it isn’t stable. Sea fish catch isn’t stable amount, as there is sometimes very good harvest, and yet sometimes you barely don’t get any fishes. It is quite a factor of luck, so to prevent this, you need to have a lot and trusted sea fisherman. That’s it the business of being sea fish suppliers like milkfish suppliers and etc.

Guide To Find Mackerel Supplier

Finding mackerel supplier is not just about horse mackerel prices. Finding the right supplier of mackerel fish is very important. Especially if you have food business. If you choose the right supplier, they can stock you with good quality of mackerel fishes. They will also guarantee your food business to remain the best one. Your costumers will be loyal to your food. There are some factors that affect the mackerel price. Those factors are also the guide to find the right supplier.

Factors That Affect Horse Mackerel Prices

Below are factors that affect horse mackerel prices. You can also use these factors in finding the right mackerel supplier in your area. Those factors are:

  1. The quality

Of course, the quality will affect the mackerel price. But who doesn’t want to eat mackerel fish with good quality? You can check the quality of the product directly if you come to the supplier’s place. After that, you can ask the people there or just simply visit their facilities. Since you want to find the right supplier, feel free to ask many questions since the quality will affect the taste of your restaurant dishes. If they sell good quality products, of course, the price will be higher than other suppliers.

  1. Availability

Mackerel fish is seasonal. There are times when the fish migrate to other areas. If they come to the sea where the supplier usually catches the fish in, the supplier will get many stocks of mackerel fish. However, there will be times when the supplier and fishermen are difficult to catch mackerel fish. In this case, you need to check their supply. And then, find another supplier if in a certain time the first supplier can’t give you what you want.

The quality and availability are the factors that affect horse mackerel prices. However, if you check, you can get what you want for your food business.

Mackerel Canned Nutrient

Fish that is one of these types of side dishes provides many health benefits for those who consume them. Various nutritional content in fish can help cells work better. Some of the ingredients you can get are the vitamins, proteins, minerals, omega 3, and many other nutrients you can get. Of the various nutrients, omega 3 plays an important role in brain growth in you. By diligently consume foods containing omega 3, it can trigger brain intelligence. In addition, omega 3 also plays an important role in maintaining heart health. Omega 3 content in marine fish is more stout than its content in freshwater fish. Now you can enjoy seawater fish in the form of canned fish. Mackerel canned suppliers are easier to find as more and more people are fond of these preparations.

How To Get Nutrition From Mackerel Canned Suppliers?

In addition, will facilitate you in serving dishes, canned fish will also speed up your cooking time. Not infrequently canned fish that is equipped with ketchup and sauces chili so it will be easy in processing. Since there are many mackerel canned suppliers, then you have to find a reliable supplier that provides canned fish with cheap price and taste the flavor and nutrients. Each brand of canned fish will certainly present different nutrients. To be able to know the nutritional value of your canned fish, then you can see it from product packaging.

Packaging products in the form of cans will make you easier to carry it. All you have to do when cooking is to open the lid of the fish from mackerel canned suppliers, then the panel fish is ready to be cooked. It will be different when you buy fresh mackerel, you are required to clean the fish before cooking it. You can separate the bone from the meat and include the head in the dish you will serve.