The Best Catfish Supplier In Indonesia

The food business is considered as a promising field to build your career as an entrepreneur. That’s why the world of food business keeps growing larger each time. There is always a newly open restaurant that provides various meals. Sometimes an eatery place only sells one specific menu, the catfish menu for example. From the food stalls by the road to the restaurants, catfish is always on the list. Due to a huge amount of catfish consumers, the catfish supplier is flooded by the orders. In Indonesia, the supplier of this tasty fish is quite a lot. If you are interested to know about catfish before they end up on your plate, please read below.

Order The Catfish With Us

Without the existence of the catfish supplier, you would probably never taste the catfish. Thankfully to the catfish itself because they are always available throughout the year, they are unlike those seasonal creatures. The supplier in our country really does care about their products since they are only eggs. They do catfish breeding and control them. The journey begins. The catfish eggs are placed in a special place to prevent them being eaten by the predators. When the sac fry comes out from the eggs it will grow to be fingerling. The strong fingerling then moved to a bigger place because they will grow into catfish. Besides, the amount of fingerling is hundreds! It takes around two years to let the fingerling grow into the catfish which has to weight one to two pounds to harvest.

After two years of waiting and take care of catfish, it’s time to harvest. Then the catfish will be cleaned to be used as a raw material. Then the lean meat will be cut based on the client demand. When everything is done, the next step is to pack the product neatly and ship them to the destination area. if you are looking for the best catfish supplier, click here

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